On my way…

“The end of the year is fast approaching, heralded by sparkly Christmas decorations, lights and murmurs of New Years resolutions.

If you are anything like me, you are no stranger to resolutions that have been forgotten or left by the wayside. I ask myself why we set these annual goals at the cusp of each year? How can we take these goals seriously and actually accomplish them?

It seems to be characteristic of New Years resolutions to take the form of what I like to call dream goals. The far-reaching ideal of what we would like to see ourselves accomplish. We set our sights high and yet we leave the small goals in the dust. It is these small goals that will take us to the moon. It is these small goals that so often get pushed aside that are the essential stepping stones to reach those dreams.”

This was beautifully written by the one and only Lisa 🙂 She has been inspiring me to fulfill my dreams with hard work and actionable efforts. This blog will be used to write down my goals and how to better fulfill the aspirations I have for 2017.

More to come soon.