Half Empty, Half Full

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As we grow up we are told that the glass is always half full. No matter what, it is to be perceived as half full. I have a discrepancy with this because it is also…half empty. I mean that isn’t so hard to understand is it? This all came to me as I was paying a Hendersonville towing company $85 to have my vehicle moved from the side of the interstate to an auto shop.

At times of desperation you are tested and in this moment I had a realization that its okay if the glass is also half empty. There is nothing wrong with this perception. On the contrary it is more realistic to see reality how it is. I am not saying that optimistic hope that the glass is half full is delusional. However, the fact that life at times can seem half empty is perfectly reasonable.

Who lives in a world where the glass is always half full? How much in life is that person missing? Listen, the point I am making here is – If you want to experience the fullness of life, for example the entire glass not just half of it, then this requires you to see that it is not only half empty, but also half full!

I love this realization because it finally relieves myself of the urgency to always be blindly optimistic, at times, straining myself to see this way. I felt like a zen master getting my car towed the other day after this epiphany.