Nest renovations

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Finally I have have saved up enough money to renovate my house! I’ve been working with a plumbing company out of Brentwood to install a single vanity in my bathroom area. The company’s website is and they have been so good to work with over the past few weeks. Below is a picture of the vanity install.

I wish I had access to a before picture as well, for comparison. The difference now than before is pretty mind blowing really. Nick at Brentwood Star Plumbing did a fantastic job. I plan on redoing much more of my house throughout the year. Knock down some walls, really open up the space where I can actually BREATHE and feel comfortable in my house. I hate the feeling of coming home and not feeling like you’re actually at “home”. Instead it’s just this depressing space the you have to sleep in.

This is a major issue and it can’t wait until spring to start the cleaning process. Already with a little home improvement, my house has gone under a full transformation. When I decided to actually go through with my bathroom remodel, the first step in the process was to clear out all the the junk that was harboring space. Literally just feeling space, and believe it or not, the filled space was somehow having an affect on me. Whether this was completely imagined or not, it totally affected the “feeling” within myself in its presence. Yes this may sound a little “out there” but if you were me, you’d be so happy to not feel bogged down anymore by all the stuff occupying open space. It turns free space into dead space.

Now it is free, and it feel s fantastic. Like I said before, I can’t wait to open up some more space in my house by knocking down a few walls 🙂 Life is goooooood. Hope you all enjoyed! I’ll post photos of the next home update.